Thursday, March 02, 2017


Today feels like a day I should be happy, and for the most part I am I guess. I have an awesome insurance agent that reduced my premium from $295 to $216 a month and finally got our marriage license. But with the marriage license comes the feeling of am I worth it? Is this what I want? Is this what my partner wants? Are we happy?
Little things are starting to become bigger and more serious things and all of our problems with ourselves and each other are coming out. Its reminding me of all the stupid things I have done and do and my past mistakes that continue to haunt me. My partners culture is very focused on the past and its hard to get my view of 'dragging the past behind you, will stop you from moving forward the way you want' across. It will take time and they are trying to understand but that is the issues with a multi-cultural and large age gap relationship. 

Hopefully better news tomorrow! At least I'm working <3

Love you all

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