Saturday, April 04, 2015

Games and Self Worth

So to try and get away from how nasty the world can be sometimes, I play video games. As anyone who knows me, I like fantasy. Final Fantasy. And what better game then one with a whole bunch of other people who love FF playing together and making memories! Above is a quick sketch of my Scholar (healer). I was a TaruTaru/Lalafell (midget) before but Mithra/Miquote (cat girl) are easier to cosplay (dress up) later on.

I have come to love this character and all the stuff I have accomplished with her. I may color and finish it later but for now I like it as a sketch. I am also impressed with how my art style is changing for the better it seems. I can still do a total anime style if I like but still working on the realistic side. However, I feel I am heading in the right direction.

Not being in a relationship has its good and bad points I suppose. I give 100% when in one I am happy in which leaves not a lot left for myself but I make it work. When I am single I am depressed but tend to focus on myself more. Win/loose.

It has been awhile since drawing something I really like instead of tattoo art. It was nice. I wish more people accepted digital drawn art. I show my work to people and they ask how I did it and when I say Photoshop they assume its just manipulation. NO, I have a drawing tablet and instead of cutting down trees and using a ton of supplies, I have it all free, in front of me on a easier to use and better for my hands and wrist digital format. Mistakes are easier to fix and no longer mean that an almost finished painting gets water on it and ruins it. Don't get me wrong, I love traditional art as well. I like the look of it better to be honest, But from a talent point of view, I see no difference.

Anyways rant over.
Love you all <3

P.S. some pictures from my FF memories.
 Taru King and myself!
 Lantern Festival
 oh man that hideous top I had to wear for 5 levels.....

 Crystal Tower Story was the best so far

 Fun at the beach with my friends
 more Crystal Tower Stuff
 What my character looks like right now (got new gear!)
 What she used to look like....
 Aw yeah.... glowing book
 Friends got married! Then left the server ; ;
 Chilling at Lina's house
Good Night!

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