Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So umm?

Pyowaan in her school outfit. I haven't been updating as much as I like and I am sorry.  I plan to update more but not every day. Business and work need to come first for me right now. I have also recieved some horrible news that a friend/mentor/coach/business team member was in a fatal car accident last night. This week will be hard as I hope to be there for his wife and kids. 

Anyways, short today. 

Love you all~

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sofie the Goddess

Sofie. The nanny and best friend of Pyowaan. She is an important character in the story and ends up being one of the only major plot characters that's of the god/goddess race. Special background story as to why she is allowed to be so will be explained in the story later on. She is of African descent and I really want to base her off of my friend Tricia. She is gorgeous inside and out and just love her personality. Guess you could say I had to have her as a character!

Okay so I managed to get food poisoning from cookies... yep. Dad's brand Goodie Rings. Don't know why or how but it was a miserable night! seems to be almost gone now but anything overly sweet since is making my stomach turn and hurt .... maybe this is a good thing for my weight loss goals haha.

Also, I am going to be working hard at my businesses. So as much as I would love to continue this as a sketch-a-DAY blog it might have to be 2-3 every week. I cannot promise to have enough time to do a picture everyday. However, that also means that once my financial goals start reaching a point that I can get some time back then I would love to focus more time towards my art and this blog. I need to straighten out my priorities for my future.

This blog and my art and stories make me happy and help me relax. I love this. And love my fans! I feel bad for all the ones I lost in my absence a while back but I hope to gain new and old ones back. Well I have a few things to do tonight so here is the coloring time-lapse (I forgot to record the sketch part sorry!)

Love you all <3

Friday, February 01, 2013

Air Demons!

Dyzi. An air elemental demon from Laled in the Dominion of Eeres. He has keen ears for sound and is the fastest swordsman known. Although blunt and outspoken, he has a strong heart and overall good intentions. He is a mercenary however, and if the price is right and feels it is worth his time and beliefs he is always up for a good fight. Love does find its way to the center of the storm and the one to break that barrier both amazes and scares him. You never know whats in store for this free spirit!

So as you all know Ive been working on a female character music video and wanted to do a male one after. I really want to do U-KISS - Tick Tack Japanese single, but only had like 5 male characters and one wasn't really a major character so I decided to do a Big Bang song. Probably Gara Gara Go ... love that song haha even though its so old! Anyways been needing a few new male toons and short on air elemental characters so wolla! It's also Brandon's character cause he wanted one haha.

love you all <3