Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sketch 71 - More Tattoos!

 Had alot of fun doing these. Inside the stars on her hand and the little stars on her wrist (to break apart the names) I used my new invisible UV tattoo ink. At first we didn't think it worked until I brought out my blacklight bulb and holly man it was so cool! I think I might try to give myself a face tattoo with this ink. All in all she says she really loves them and I am proud of them. First time doing writing that small and on a wrist. BTW the names are all of her pets.

Tomorrows sketch will be probably of the lady above. While at her house I saw the most amazing thing. So I will draw that! In other news. My mom has been watching me play around with all these cards (Magic the gathering) and started asking me questions. When I asked if she would like to get her own decks and play she was excited and bought a lot of cards! Lucky her managed to get so many rare cards in random booster packs including the original Tezzereth Plainswalker! So I ended up making her a deck from her cards and play/instructed her on the basics of the game in play . . . she BEAT the shit outta me lol. VERY proud of her and tonight she asked to play me again and seemed upset that we haven't played for a few nights!

Some bad news. I tried to run my computer after work today and it just lagged horribly. I check it out and find I only have 2GB of hard drive space left lol. So yeah, ran out and got a 500gb portable HD. Sadly, my computer atm is only 250GB and this back-up is 500GB lol . . . oh well.

Well I am off to bed because I have work tomorrow and mom wants to play a game before I have to go to work. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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