Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sketch 67 - Hope Adams

Not bad for Lucifer's daughter eh? Hope Adams is a character created by the amazing author Kelley Armstrong. Currently reading Living With The Dead. Sooooo good. I will admit when this character first appeared in the series it took me a while to process what she looked like. I wasn't used to reading stories where the main character was Indian (India). Armstrong first describes her as a Bollywood princess. But after finishing Personal Demon and now reading this one, I've come to really like Hope. This is what I picture her to be. She's suppose to be exotic sexy but can totally rock the t-shirt and jeans with black curls that hang to her middle back. So yeah!

Anyways Most of you can tell I got alot of reading done at work. Its so windy out where we are working Its hard to do anything without getting covered in dirt or having stuff blown away. My hands are also very burnt and sore so I'm off to go soak them before bed.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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