Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sketch 48 - Amy

Meet Amy. A random bunny girl. Don't really have a thing for her or not sure I can use her as a character but we will see. I went through some serious artist block drawing this one.

So today I got paid YAY! Then went and paid the people I needed to pay haha. Also gave Andy his Easter chocolates and got a practice session with a standard vehicle. Which I must say I did fairly well until I 'kangaroo'd' at a busy intersection in town and stalled out. Nerves got to me I guess. Oh well more practice to come I'm sure. Need to get this down pat if I am to survive on English roads. Mind you over there I could chalk it up to driving on the wrong side of the road that I am used to.

So Richard put his new 1 TB hard drive in today. He needs the space for all of his games and stuff on steam. I'm happy for him! When I finally cross the pond I would like to maybe look into getting a decent desktop. I love my Alienware but its getting dated and you can't upgrade them easily like a desktop. Anyways....

I have been getting into some Tpop recently to go along with my mass collection of Jpop and Kpop. Speaking of which my Big Bang CD finally arrived! OMG its so amazing and the case was so cool. But back on track, I really need to learn Taiwanese... I sorta started on my own awhile back but I didn't get too far. I only know like 3 people from Taiwan and we don't keep in touch a lot so it was hard to ask questions and get a good response. Maybe I should pick it up again seeing as I'm not getting far with Chinese at the moment.

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Sketch 47 - Hang over

I don't drink very often but when my cousin came down and offered a night of drinking I couldn't resist! We were having so much fun with the hard liquor then he wanted a beer. Now my cousin could be classified as a professional drinker... where as myself who tried to keep up with him... not so much! I think I held up good though! That beer though killed me. First time I have ever vomited after drinking and its not an experience I plan to duplicate lol. Was even worse the fact I had to work at 3 till 11. However, my boss was kind enough to cover for me until 5 to let me go home and get some sleep and shower which I cannot thank her enough for!

I wanna thank everyone for the continued support. Seeing the numbers climb like this is amazing. Makes me happy to know that people may or may not be interested in my day to day life. Work on the wallpaper will resume tomorrow. So I hope you will look forward to it! Oh a shot out to Braxus, your picture will be finished this weekend!

Well not to work on todays sketch lol See you again soon!

Lova ya world!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sketch 46 - Sophie

Its funny how this character came to be. I received an anthro commission and Rich and I were talking about the art form and how you hardly ever see a reptilian or dragon anthro so I decided to give it a shot and thats how Sophie was created! Now I'm gonna ask everyone out there what colors she should be!

Went for my blood work today. 6 vials of blood for like 12 tests uhhg. lol. I don't hate needles but I hate the feeling of my blood leaving my body through a needle. Apparently it happens a bit. I am posting early tonight because I will be hanging out with Alex again tonight before he leaves for British Columbia again. And I would like to have a drink or two without having to worry about driving home. So I will be off to work then a good night.

Love ya <3

P.S. I have a deal going on for my CG commissions. Send me an email ( or FB message or twitter message if your interested! I am only opening 5 spots with one already taken.

1. Domo Brian

Sketch 45 - Mwah!

Ah perspective... thy enemy. It didnt turn out too bad i suppose. So its Rich and I kissing on a walk. Today has been a wonderful day~

First I woke up to my mum telling I actually had to work 6-10 instead of 3-10. Then I finished my book I got for Easter. I LOVE IT!!!!! Kelley Armstrong is such an amazing writer! Cannot wait for the 2nd to come out. For those who don't know what I'm talking about. I received Kelley Armstrong's novel The Gathering for Easter its the first book of the second trilogy in the young adult series The Darkest Powers she is working on. There are a lot of references to the Women of the Otherworld series and the first trilogy in The Gathering and it was awesome to read throughout all the conspiracies and what not. Anyways I then jumped on the computer and started translating my videos and noticed the new SNSD/Girls Generation Japanese song Taxi had the Dance MV out! It's so AMAZING and the girls sound perfect and look drop dead gorgeous. After that I remembered to check my emails and send off a few emails.

After sending off the one to skin candy (who does the ink I use for tattoos) about the white having the same reaction on everyone I use it on they offered to replace it with a new one, which I was shocked but very pleased with. And they answered my email in no word of a lie 5 minutes. Shortly after batting emails back and forth with skin candy I received 2 emails from steam saying they gave me back my account FINALLY. Then at work I got my cash out done early and nearly balanced! but it doesn't end there!

I get home to talk to Richard and the Skype quality was superb and he was amazing. but then I started getting pains and looking at the clock I realize I have to be up in less than 6 hours so off to bed! Goodnight world! Love ya <3

P.S. I wanna give a shout out to my sister, Shelina. It's her 21st birthday today ( the 27th of April). We may not get along at the best of times but still love you. Happy birthday lil sis.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sketch 44 - Morning After

No sketch tonight....until the morning. Just got home after hanging out with my cousin Alex and soooo tired So I will post a picture in the morning after my blood work. Sorry! Goodnight world, love ya <3

EDIT : sketch up! lol this is what i looked like this morning haha. Its in the Blip comic style ... sortta lol enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sketch 43 - Too Cute for Words

A really bad Chiyo-chan from Azu Manga Daioh. I should really stop doing fan art.... It never looks right. haha oh well. If you haven't seen AMD then you should! but take it in small doses. This anime is all over the place weird cute.

So today was eventful. Had lunch with Will and then dinner with my mum, and our friends Richelle and Doreen. Then I got a call from my friend who is the cook for the Canadian Army Edmonton division so I went out for coffee/tea with him and his wife and caught up. Plus finally got the whole video to PSP thing working and talked to Richard and yeah. Good day! Too bad all that running around has my pelvis on fire (not literally ^^;)

Really missing my trainer, Andy. I will have to go visit him after the end of the month! Now with Easter done I should be able to see how much mail I have after the post office being closed for the holiday. Hopefully my CD has arrived!

Well have to work tomorrow so goodnight world! Love ya <3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sketch 42 - CHEER

So this is an older animation I did, but I am in too much pain to draw anything tonight. I really need to get to the doctors for that blood work. The pain started today after just walking across town. This really isn't good.

What is good, is the book I recieved for Easter. SO amazing like all Kelley Armstrong's novels. I wish they would go into movie form but they would have to be rated R or I wouldn't watch them.

Anyways time for rest. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Sketch 41 - Phantom Islander

Merona from the game Phantom Brave for the PSP. I just got this game today. Also discovered my PSP has internet radio, so I was listening to the j-pop and k-pop stations. So cool! Was my Easter gift from my father. I also received a white chocolate bunny and the new book from my favorite author Kelley Armstrong, The Gathering. The new book is the start of the second trilogy for her young adult series The Darkest Powers. I loved reading about Chloe, Derek, Simon and the gang in the first trilogy and can't wait to meet the new characters. Need to finish reading Personal Demon first though.

Not much to say about today. Did about 2 hours of dishes ( really need to start keeping up with those at lest every day to second day) and then hung out with my friend Brad and our moms. Met my cousin Kyle who is the brother of my cousin Kelly as mentioned in previous posts. Also went out for dinner at the local restaurant. Not sure the exact culture the food there comes from but I think its either Turkish or Greek. Either way it was the best mushroom Alfredo I have had in a LONG time. Although I will pay for it tonight with my intolerance to dairy. 

Well have to work tomorrow so goodnight world! Love ya and happy Easter for whomever celebrates the holiday.

Donations for Japan have been sent off! thank you to everyone who donated! I hope you like the gifts I sent to you~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sketch 40 - Hot Head

No one in general this time. My friend Chris or Will w/e he wants to be called put in a suggestion/request for me to draw a red head. I have recently gotten back in touch with him after he found me on deviantART and stuffs. Its been YEARS since I have last seen him so its nice to catch up.

Speaking of red heads... this morning I colored my hair my natural color again which is a lighter version of the one above. I must say after a year of being white blonde, pink, purple, blue, teal, and green... I look weird in natural red. Take some getting used to I suppose.

Thanks to my mum I have a memory stick! YAY I can finally save my PSP games and stop re-playing the tutorials over and over again. Also converted some of my music videos and they look AMAZING on the screen and the playback is smooth.

Back to my friend, he is a very creative writer and has offered to help me with the story part of Pyowaan so it will be easier for me to draw it for the web comic/manga. I hope all my fans are still with me by then! Also still waiting to hear back from MBJ about getting together to try and polish off the MEDE story and characters. Might also work on character back stories and the side stories.

Well thats all for tonight. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~$168/$500 (ending Monday)

Sketch 39 - Poppit

Guess what I got!?!?!?!?! Omg I love my PSP and games and weeeeeeee. Have to thank my mum for helping me out with that today. Need to get a memory stick so I can save my games though. I thought my SD card would work but its doesn't I need some sort of Pro Duo SD card.The games I got were Patapon, FFVII Crisis Core and Little Big Planet (after some major store to store searching)

So my doctor visit didn't go so well. From the images taken it looks like it could be both a fracture and cysts. So ... not good. I had to drink 6 cups of water. It sure doesn't sound like that much but when your not being physically active and try to drink that much it is A LOT of water. I was about to throw up after 3 cups. Then they make you wait while your bladder is filling up to the point of severe pain. It was horrible.

Soooo yeah im off to bed to play till I can't keep my eyes open. Goodnight World! Love ya <3

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sketch 38 - Koi of Wealth

So today has been a LONG day so I took a picture of a koi fish I did. Part of my tattoo sketches. Hopefully tomorrow I can draw something. I didn't get off work until an hour after I was suppose to because we were busy.

I have been planning on coloring my hair yellow and pink for Easter, but you know I think I should let it have a break for awhile and stick to my natural hair color for awhile. Ive been bleaching and coloring different funky colors for about a year now. I think its time to go au naturel ~ well as natural As i can dye it seeing as its bleach blonde white at the moment.

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound and x-rays to find out what I have. I can literally say I'm kinda nervous to find out. But I will be getting my PSP right after so it wont be too bad. Although having the PSP before I go would be nice for any time I need to wait. Canadian free health care is nice but the time to wait can be annoying. Oh well, small annoyance for no cost.

Well of to bed because I need to be up early. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sketch 37 - What Is Your Wish

Just a random fairy done with a felt tipped ink liner. It was gonna be a possible version of Pipo but desided against it.

My allergies are clearing up for the most part which is awesome. However, my pelvic pains are still really bad. I strained, whatever it is, sorting through my boxes of stuff from when I moved to try and find a few things. I found almost all of what I wanted to find....all but one! and everything I had wanted were all in the boxes at the bottom of the piles... go figure.

In alot of pain so Im heading to bed. Gonna listen to my music collection that I found tonight while I sleep. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketch 36 - Wash My Back?

#3 of the Emily pictures. She needs a bit of help washing her back. Any takers? I wanted to keep this one as the original pencil sketch that I did. Hope you like it!

So I have been having pelvic pains for a while now and finally decided to go to the doctor about it ... and got a lot of bad news. I have to go for an x-ray and ultrasound. The x-ray is for a possible pelvic fracture which I can only think happened while tobogganing with my niece and nephew when my man visited during the winter holidays. The ultrasound is for possible ovarian cysts and or cancer. So yeah ... blood work and hospital visits soon, possibly tomorrow.

In K-pop news f(x) released their new comeback music video Danger ... or would it be Pinocchio? I will post the link in the Video of the Week tab for your viewing pleasure. I personally LOVE this new video. I'm not a HUGE fan of the group but I do like their style. Its edgy cute and contemporary. Anyways this video kicks ass and I want to share it!

After the doctors I went to the city to get a few things and on the way home I got sushi for my mum and I. The wait for the take-out sushi was about 25-30 mins so I went over to EB games. In Canada. EB games is a small chain game store that is of epic-ness. I am way far behind the times when it comes to console and hand-held gaming. I have a Nintendo lunch box, PS 1 and 2 and a game-boy color (teal) .... I have really wanted a PSP since they were first released. So when I walked in I asked about their used ones. The employee's were awesome and explained that if I waited until thursday for their Easter weekend sale I could get a mint condition WHITE PSP 3000 for $30 with the purchase of 2 used games for $19.99 or higher. I was so happy I had them hold the PSP for me and plan to return! My mum is gonna help me out with the game purchases and get something for her.

Actually the main reason I went to EB games was to find a copy of the PS1 game Legend of Dragoon .... which the company doesn't have in stock in ANY of their stores across Canada. *sad face*

Anyways goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Sketch 35 - Game Over

Emily again. Lol I really liked the pose for this one, although it looks way uncomfortable. Isn't she just adorable? I would love to meet her in person some day. But for now I will be happy just being her friend on the net.

I'm slowly starting to feel better which means I can get back to the gym and doing tattoos and work and stuffs lol.

So many new k-pop songs I've found. And a whole bunch of new ones coming out. SO EXCITED!!

Recently I have been getting back into playing World of Warcraft. Been working on my Goblin Shadow Priest and my Unholy Gnome Death Knight. I am loving the new Goblin quests. It feels weird though because my mains are alliance. And DK is still way OP but I am not complaining one bit because its fun to be a BAMF once in a while. I was taking down elite boss quests rated for 2-3 players in Outlands by myself. Very proud of that I must say. Although my first few attempts failed because I hadn't been to my trainer in forever and was behind like 8 skillz doh... Doing random dungeon groups is an excellent way to get some tips on how to play your class and level really fast while having the possibility to get some dungeon quests done and kick ass gear.

Well im off to bed. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sketch 34 - Hello There!

Okay so I did a whole bunch of sketches of a friend of mine in England. Her name is Emily and she is amazing. Cute and sexy, fun and laid back and the perfect mix of girl and geek. So I decided to re-sketch this picture and post it tonight.

Thank you for over 1000 views! It's been just over a month and seeing this makes me so happy!

Still sick and new job sucks so this one will be supper short for today. I'm sorry. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sketch 33 - Sleeping Fury

Toothless from DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon. I know the proportions are all wrong and stuff but Im sick and tired and its a sketch blog! lol I think it turned out cute! I love this movie and got to watch it and Tangled again today because I was babysitting for a friend of the family.

So today I found out I have a job! Courtesy of my mum. So that exciting! Also as soon as I get said news EVERYONE who has been planning on getting tattoos from me has texted me today. Murphy's Law I suppose. I also found out that they are building a life-sized Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro! I so wanna see that sooooo bad.

I also wanna give a shout out to my cousin who is now engaged to his gorgeous fiance! Congratulations you two and welcome to the family Jenn! <3

Well I'm off to bed to get over this damn cold and get ready for training tomorrow (to bad its not in how to ride a dragon! ... that would be way too awesome). I swear Ive drank over 10 cups of tea today... still so thirsty!

Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sketch 32 - The Station of Play

Here's one for all the Playstation fans out there! It only does EVERYTHING *wink* <3 <3.

OMG i wanna kill my sinuses, hate this weather and then I wake up to snow.... We are a month into spring and more frikken snow.... SO annoying! Now im sick and more snow mold to set my allergies on a revolt. Seriously thinking about using tampons up my nose to stop the mucus flow like they did on She's The Man starring Amanda Bynes (one of my fav actresses) only they were talking about nose bleeds haha. Man my head is pounding. DO NOT LIKE BEING SICK!!! I ramble a lot....

Also found out that one of my friends grandpa died a few days ago. I give my sympathies to her and her family. Well gonna keep this short. I need sleep to get rid of this sickness. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Sketch 31 - Kinect My Box

X-Box tan! Sorry for not finishing part 3 of bloodline. Had this crazy idea to do a console girl and asked my man and he said x-box... I should have known. But hey whatever, I am more of a Playstation girl myself. So who would want of of these to play with? lol I just might get into x-box more if they had a version like this. I wanted to give her red eyes for the whole ring of death thing but he was very adamant about me NOT doing so. Oh well. Today has been weird.

Did you know that going to a dealer in my part of Canada to get a synthetic oil change cost $93.63.... I almost fell over. My allergies have been torturing me these past few days as well and with the warm weather and all the snow melting we have a few lakes starting just outside town in the farmers fields. Any more and they will flood the highways.

Well time for bed being sick and all. Goodnight world! Love you <3

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sketch 30 - Bloodline pt 2

Alright! clean lines and base color for the Bloodline picture done. Tomorrow hoping to finish it and a few other commissions I have been working on. I changed a few things.... not sure if I like them or not yet. We will see by tomorrow.

I have not been feeling well since coming back from the gym today. So today's will be very very short. I'm sorry. Wish I could get some sleep, been up a lot coughing with a sore throat and muscles. We will see though. Anyways goodnight world! Love you <3

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sketch 29 - Bloodline pt 1

So working a clean art picture of the new designs for Purtalic and Nynde. Today is the sketch, tomorrow will be the clean line art and possibly the base colors and then Wednesday will be the shaded finished copy. Hope you all don't mind the character spam. No one has mentioned a dislike as of yet so I will continue. Plans have been in the works for MBJ and I to have a weekend get-together at some point soon to work on the story and smooth out the rough edges that we weren't able to do when we wrote it originally. I cannot tell you how much I am gonna look forward to that. been ages since I had the chance to spend any quality time with her since like 2007. Sad but true with our schedules and the distance between us.

Soooo being Canadian I do actually like hockey. Not a HUGE fan or anything but its nice to know my team is doing AMAZING. GO VANCOUVER GO! Playoffs start soon and I would love to see them win the Stanley Cup. I find it funny though. Even though I cheer for a 'Canadian' team, most of the players are American. Because the American teams buy up the good Canadian players for their teams. So I like to cheer for a Canadian team ... but which is actually more Canadian?

In other news Big Bang released their new V.I.P. Special edition album with some new songs and a solo song from Daesung (my favorite of the group) ... FINALLY. I have been waiting for Daesung to have his turn for his solo debut. All the other members have had whole albums out already. Well not sure is Senguri has had one yet but I wouldn't be surprised. However, Daesung has been in the back most of the Big Bang career and its saddening because he has such a powerful voice with great range. Finally glad to see some D-lite action. Hopefully a video will surface soon so I can translate it <3

Well I should get going to tonight. I have books to read, blankets to knit, pictures to finish and a pageview wallpaper to work on! (not in any specific order) Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~$168/$500

P.S. As a reminder I am ending the donation pool at Easter. We have until then to raise $500 to see me sing a Japanese song. Also I will be sending a sort of fan-mail box to Japan with letters and pictures to help raise moral. If anyone wishes to send a letter to brighten up a families life or a picture or both feel free to mail them to me and I will post them with my box. I will be sending the box at the end of April so make sure they get here by the 28th.

Purtalic. Tamakai. Lahncey.
P.O. box 370
Calmar Alberta T0C 0V0


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sketch 28 - Ssssssssmile

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss....... BOOM! Gotta love or hate the creeper. I love Minecraft! Such an awesomely fun game that you can waste many hours on which I know from experience. I am currently working on a castle town. Might start up a server for serious players that wont grief others. Let me know if anyone would be interested.

Today has been fun. Went to the Zumba class at my gym and OMG is that ever a workout! Fun though. Then off to wallmart to get a few things including a new pair of jeans because my old pair started to get those wear and tear holes in the thighs. For any women that know my pain for that one, this is a big concern for us! Expensive too. After wallmart, back home to print off my resume and hand it in to apply with the county which would be an awesome job! Then tea at Tim Hortons with some friends that I haven't seen for awhile.

Well goodnight world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~ $168/$500

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sketch 27 - Right On the Mark

This is the new concept for Nynde. This one took longer to plan out then Purtalic's. Had to put a bit more thought into this one because of her childhood she is in battle a lot as an archer. Plus I was trying to go for more coverage and functionality. Also for her being half demon and dragon-ling I decided to give her red eyes like her father. I think it suits her better.

Today has been an odd day. Got up, did about 2 hours of dishes, then worked on art, then volunteer appreciation dinner and then home to finish sketch and relax. So soon will be the relax part I hope lol. It's been a long day! Tomorrow Im gonna try the Zumba class at my gym. Looks interesting. Well gonna keep this one short. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Sketch 26 - The New Snow

A new concept I have been working on for my Purtalic character. I like it. I have always been fascinated by gypsy type clothing, although this has a more color coordinated scheme. I like how the fabrics lay and flow with good coverage that plays with a body's curves. I like this new outfit. What do you all think? With her being a magic user I think it works! Plus it looks like something royalty would wear and not too impractical for close combat.

If my personal trainer Andy is reading this, I want to be able to wear this come August! lol This will be my goal. Because if I can look like this (minus the ears and ridiculously long silver hair) then I would be happy. Also I know this is a 'sketch' blog and all but I am sorry for how sketchy this sketch really is. I plan on doing a cleaner copy at some point soon. First to work on the new outfit for Nynde.

Also work on the wallpaper has begun! It really is hard trying to get 11-13 people on a group shot worthy of a wallpaper but I will succeed! The whole composition of having to play people and perspective and stuff is challenging.still not sure if I should do a street scene or a splice type. Let me know what you guys would like.

Well I'm out for the night. Goodnight world. Love ya <3

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sketch 25 - The Underdome Riot

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot is the second piece of DLC for Borderlands. It features three new riot arenas (Hellburbia, the Gully and Angelic Ruins) and storage for players' items. The plot of the DLC is Moxxi, a crazed lover who is setting out to find her 4th husband, leading her to make the arenas in the DLC. Players fight several of the game's enemies, including bosses, in arenas. No experience is gained from killing enemies in the arena battles, but experience can be gained from completing challenges or quests in the arena. New game modes are added, such as low gravity fighting, enemy health regeneration, and shieldless fighting. It was released on December 29, 2009, for the Xbox 360 and was released January 7, 2010, for the PlayStation 3 and PC. IGN gave Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot a 6.0/10, praising the fact that friends can be added in to play, and stated that everything else needed work. "There's no more gun, money, or ammo drops, and no XP" and stated that "the only decent amount of guns you'll find are in Marcus Kincaid's vendor machine."

Info courtesy of wikipedia. I personally love Borderlands. Its a FPS RPG which is nice. not all just run in and shoot people. You have an awesome story and quests/missions that are challenging and make your heart race (mine did at least!) Too bad steam is still being dumbass's and hasn't fixed my account yet so I haven't been able to play. Also for some reason Moxxi's outfit reminds me of a FFXI PUP AF1 sorta haha. I miss my puppet Totomo <3 Anyways.

Oh! I would be honored if everyone could sign the petition to SAVE PALAWAN which is in danger of being destroyed by miners. It's free to sign up and all they need is your name, e-mail and country. That is hardly classified info unless your under protective custody. So please help save the rain forests in Palawan! They need 10 million signatures and have over 600k at the moment. On another note apparently this place is so remote that the name Palawan isn't even in the spell-check... wow.

Early one today so Im off to relax. See ya world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~ $168/$500

Sketch 24 - Sakura

Been a hectic day today. Full of pain. Was tattooing this morning but had to stop for a few hours while I went to the gym where my trainer kicked my ass again. Then coming home to finish the tattoo. So a simple picture today. Just kinda did a cherry blossom. tried to make it look sorta realistic but failed. I was running out of time today so I wanted something easy and didn't need a lot of concentration.

Been laughing my ass off though, found this site DYAC that is AMAZINGLY funny. I started to cry they were so funny. But it made my migraine and stomach ache worse so I have stopped for today. Off to bed so I can feel better.

Good night world! love ya <3

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sketch 23 - Power Waves

Metablue. Southern queen of Asaro. Strong willed and passionate, however strict and sarcastic in her teachings. A high elf warrior she has become a role model for her people even as she found love in a human and gave birth to a hybrid, her people support and cherish her. After her lovers death she has not sought out love nor rejected it.

A lot of the original character designs were cloth and leather based which even someone who is nearly immortal probably wouldn't go out in battle with so I have been having fun making the outfits a tad more realistic and conforming to the times they live in. I hope MBJ doesn't kill me for this outfit change. I love it personally and I think it suits her character. Elegant yet sexily badass, what human wouldn't want a piece of that? After changing up the characters, I realized that Nynde and my character haven't been updated for awhile. So I might re-work their outfits over the next few days. Gives me a few more ideas until I get more requests.

My stomach has been in so much pain these past few days. I don't know if its something I ate or over working myself at the gym or what, but the pain is excruciating. So today I'm supposed to top up my prepaid cell service and the whole system is down. Now they will charge me because I didn't top up my account in time. Also has anyone ever had it where you call client support and its suppose to be a free call and they charge you a relatively small amount that's actually a ridiculous price. But you pay it anyways because your too frustrated to care at the time and you go through a million automated options before you reach someone and they start to transfer you to the right department.... so you think. The next voice welcomes you to a whole different company (solo mobile is a sister company to Bell mobility) and the people there tell you that they can't help with your problem and you should call your people back. I almost threw my phone into the wall. So aggravating. Anyways, more stress to add to my migraines.

Seeing as I am poorly I will be heading to bed shortly. Until tomorrow, goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Monday, April 04, 2011

Sketch 22 - Tied Destiny

Ryona. The Daughter of Metablue and a human sire. Because of her Elvaan blood, she ages slowly and has well surpassed her fathers life span. Orphaned as a child, Ryona grew up not knowing of her heritage or of her royal blood until a crush on a forbidden love opens her world to new possibilities.

So much fun re-doing her outfit. Much more suited to a warrior half elf that makes her a bit more 'squishy' than the full bloods. Still a sexy outfit if I may say so. I wanted to give her long hair but the short really suits her best. Plus long hair gets in the way when your trying to swing a sword. I would love to see this made into a real costume... would be so awesome. Tomorrow will be the last of my character draws unless someone wants me to get into all the secondary characters and bad guys.... I do have a request for Wednesday's however.

On another note, trying to fit 11-13 people in a wallpaper picture is sooooo hard. But I will get it done eventually. Anyone that knows me will probably expect me to not even have it done before I hit the 1000 mark (the rate Im going that wont be too far off). Much love to all my readers/watchers out there. Seeing all my views from around the world makes this so much easier.

Last night my cousin and I were to lazy to clean off the spare bed so we share my double... with the 2 Jack Russel Terriers.... I got like NO sleep last night. Then up for a shower and then to the gym where my training was re-scheduled because of a power failure. Also posted a new video of the week that's English for once. Been so tired today it is unreal. Happy to have the sketch done today and it looks great. I think that will be all for today's so goodnight world. Love ya <3

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sketch 21 - A Swift Death

Stryx. All anyone knows is hes a ninja. Noble and kindhearted, he ends his foes swiftly and fights for what he believes is right. Unfortunately, I have said too much so I mus...........

Very short tonight. Today has been awesome. My cousin finally came over and its been fun. About to go watch Disney's Tangled film. So its started already so I will see you all tomorrow!

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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sketch 20 - Silent But Deadly

Damein Steelblade. Everything about him is dark. From his element to his humor. Able to vanish and blend in with his surroundings he became widely known for his skills as an assassin. Very few know but beneath his cold exterior he harbors love for a select few and his protection. Among his travels, he acquired his partner in crime, Kohaku and fell for the hybrid princess of the Southern nations.

Damein who started as a secondary character along with Kohaku actually grew to be a primary character in the story. Kohaku and Damein must have touched a spot with MBJ and I and brought them from the back to the front lines and as far as I know we are happy with that decision. Damein is an odd personality. He is logical and gives off a cold demeanor, but bases his attacks on what outcome will produce the lest amount of casualties.

So 10 more days and I will have been doing this for a month! It's already lasted longer then my comic which makes me proud of myself. Got a lot of cleaning done today and finished translating a video and yeah. Also checking my emails I got my usual e-newsletter from Tokyopop (people who publish English manga in North America) saying that Lady Gaga has been cast for the lead in the new live action Sailor Moon movie set to be released in 2012.... not sure what to think about that. At lest that would be better then the casting for the live action Akira movie.

Also I am working on a wallpaper for everyone for my 500 view mark (the counter doesn't count mine). It will feature all the characters I will be drawing in the posts. It will also be free to download! I hope you will look forward to it! Well time to go finish a few things. Goodnight world. Love ya <3

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Sketch 19 - 12 Going On 21

Entali Steelblade aka. Tali. The 12-year-old sister of Damien who's mental state is that of a 21 year old. Because of her mentality,  she's very logical and has no idea how to act her age. She is a black dragon-ling and because of her rarity her brother likes to keep her hidden and protected.

Not too sure about Tali. She's not a productive character in the story but important none-the-less. I've always wanted to draw her though and I'll admit I had a lot of fun drawing that outfit. Sadly not much else to say about this character since her creator barely talks to me.

Today I finally got my BigBang CD. Not impressed with how the items actually arrived. The poster is worse for wear and the CD case was dirty. Oh well I still love it. As well at the gym today I was weighed and found out I have neither gained nor lost any weight, however I have gone down in inches and my body fat percentage. Go me!

Get to see my cousin tomorrow which should brighten my smile. His silly antics always make me laugh. It is April fools day and I have not done any pranks ashamed. But I did celebrate Sakura Kinomoto's birthday with eating a strawberry.

I guess today's will be a short one. Goodnight World ~ love you <3

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