Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sketch 18 - Purrrfectly Shocking

Misha Dallare. The anthro cat of our adventures party. She is emotionally secluded to anyone outside her trust circle. If you manage to get in the circle you are in it for life, however to get in may cost you one. A proud nomad, she is expert in the art of throwing and small weapons. Her element is electricity, however, she can only imbue her weapons with said element. With a secluded heart is there room for a love outside her family?

Sooooo much fun drawing Misha its unreal. Something about the sexy cat girls is just fun to draw....maybe its all those curves! There is a lot of debate floating around about what type of cat she is based from. Cougar? Jaguar? Havana Brown? Until her creator gets back to me we will leave it undecided (I prefer the cougar myself ... goes with the outfit and personality). Shes kind of like a fierce, cute amazon cat woman, no?

So much going on today, yet I did hardly anything. With how warm its been lately all the snow is melting far too fast and the roads and alleys are a slushy, muddy mess. Had to help my mom get out of the garage this afternoon because she got herself into a rut just outside the doors. And with three playful dogs our floors are a muddy mess. The sun is a nice change though ~

I also found out that a semi-local tattoo business called the Camrose Health Department on me for doing tattoos out of my house. Well not sure what a health department in a city 4-5 hours away is really gonna do to a person that has only done tattoos on 3 other people beside herself. And the fact they were volunteers and I didn't charge. Plus I use all sterile disposables and proper cleaning methods with a sterilizer on the way. So all I have to say to that is if they choose to come for me... BRING IT! I think the artist is just jelous because I do better tattoos then him with his 20+ years experience. (conceited ... maybe, but if you've seen the work he's done versus mine you might agree!) And I am in no way saying mine are amazing, I'm still learning after all and have only done 6. Very happy my friend informed me right away, at least now I can get all the papers in order. Oh well.

I am off to bed! Gym at early morning so need my sleeps. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

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Sketch 17 - Noble Snow

Purtalic Tamakai Lahncey. Or PTL for short. Northern queen of Asaro. Sister to Metablue, Partner to Pyro, Mother to Nynde and Daemon. A high elf whose element is ice and the cold. She may not be the sword wielding battle maiden like her sister but her magics are bar-none the strongest. She is one of the few remaining bloodlines for the ancient dragon-lings that now watch over the lands as protective spirits.

My character! Oh how pretty she is. I love her outfit and if I were to choose a "look" goal for my gym training it would be too look like this. Curvy and muscular but lean and sturdy. Because this is the character representing myself, I went the extra mile. I know I know like a parent I shouldn't take favorites but come on its me! Or at least who I would like to be. Bold, daring, kind, smart, leader, and cant forget modestly powerful. Keep dreaming right? Yeah I know lol.

So sorry for the late post. Had a lot to do today with my eye exam and getting stuck in traffic on the way and yeah. Left the house at about 12:30 in the after noon and didn't get back home till about 6:00 pm. So tired. While I was waiting for my exam I did some shopping and found "The Book of Awesome" which after reading a bit into really is awesome. The book started out as a blog by Neil Pasricha @ It put a smile on my face on the first page. So if you can find it I highly recommend it (its cheap too!).

I also have a BIG thank you to give out to the generous person who donated $100 for my Japan donation pool. THANK YOU!! That brings us up to almost half the goal amount. Oh and for only 17 days/blogs/sketches I've gone over 400 page views (having it set up so it doesn't include my own). Thank you everyone! I hope I am living up to your expectations. Maybe for the 500 view mark I will post a free wallpaper for people to download if you like.

Well time for bed. Goodnight world! Love ya <3

Donations for Japan ~ $168/$500

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sketch 16 - Demonic Romance

Pyro. A high demon from Eeres. The story of how Purtalic and Pyro met is a near-death survival romance that ended in an amazing union. From there he becomes the soul partner of Purtalic and helps govern the North. He ends up fathering a daughter and son and survives the great war.

This picture is so hawt... if I may say so lol. Ah Pyro. He has some reason to believe he has a little dragon-ling blood in him but its not enough to make a difference. Well as his name suggests he is a fire demon. Thinking about this, me being Purtalic and all.... I don't rule over the fire element yet a lot of my characters are fire elemental ... go figure. Its okay though. MBJ has characters that are under my elemental governing muhahahaha. I spent a lot of time on this picture today. I had to re-do his outfit a lot. Pyro was the 3rd favorite character for the fan-art contest as well.

Tomorrow I have an eye exam and hope to get some contacts again... FINALLY.  Also I have two viewers from Ireland. I don't know anyone from Ireland so this is cool. Hello out there! Hope you liked what you saw/read. This really is exciting. I have a lot of viewers from China as well. Anyways, in other news my cousin Kelly will be arriving for a visit on Friday (hopefully with his gf!) This will be awesome! Also my cousin Alex will be coming for a visit in April sometime. Can't wait. So far I have a lot of people wanting tattoos from me but no one is making dates to do them ... *cries* lol j/k but still come on people!

Love ya <3

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sketch 15 - Diamond Frost Smile

Nynde. The daughter of Purtalic and Pyro, making her Princess of the Northern races. A mix of royal dragon-ling blood and demon, she is light of her people and the nightmare of her foes. Her demon blood gives her a temper unlike any other. After her first love dies, she finds refuge in a heart similar to her own.

Ah Nynde. My daughter in the story. When I had a fan-art contest, she was the most popular pic. Speaking of fan-art I should find it all and post it. Maybe? Got to the gym today and they said I had a balance on my account, I had a feeling it would come up because of my card being a visa debit and Canadian businesses aren't up to the technology yet. So Im expecting about $50 and it was $80 .... my jaw dropped. So after some negotiating its down to $40 so I am happy.

Got a lot done today, surprising. More work on the commission done, sketch done early, gym, chapter 1 almost finished and job hunting. So tonight while I wait for man to get home, I am gonna play minecraft! Perfect wind-down game seeing as steam still hasn't gotten back to me on my account yet (its been 2 months.... wtf is going on!) Or might feel up to playing Civ 5. I hate war games but I LOVE civilization games. Blame my ex-husband and father-in-law for that :P many nights playing civ revolution on the x-box. Which makes me think of our nights playing magic the gathering and other tabletop games. Oh the arguments and the tears that were shed. Those were some good times.

We were doing so well with the donations for Japan and then it stopped. I guess people don't wanna hear me sing haha (don't blame you). Anyways ttfn world~

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sketch 14 - Natures Pawn

Tyson Melborne. One of the few wood elves to leave the confines of the tribes to pursue a life of the blade.  Starting out as a bounty hunter, Tyson found himself trailing an ancient celestial being and wound up time traveling to the past with him. He is then dragged along on an adventure and eventually joins the royal army.

Tyson isn't one of my favorite characters but he does have a special spot with me. He inspired me to make his outfit unique. Its a mix of present and past. I also wanted to give him kind of an Australian surfer accent/ personality. He's the happy go lucky warrior who loves his life but is always determined.

So by request I am trying to re-write the story. Almost have the first chapter finished and ready to be put up on the website i made for it. Got a bit more work done on a commission piece that has been taking me longer then it should but he is a really good friend and I want to make it really good for him and his lady. Been getting back into minecraft again. That game is soooooo addictive! Working on a castle atm. Once that is done I would like to work on a mega build of some sort. maybe a re-creation of some sort. Maybe Venice? Or My home town. ^-^

Well off to do something! Love you all <3

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sketch 13 - Grey Belt

Kohaku Shinrai. The only known grey dragon-ling to exist. Because of his mixed blood, his childhood was tormented with slavery and abuse from which he met Damein. Damein, an assassin born of black took him as a partner and turned him into the fighting spirit he is today. Kohaku goes on to fall in love with the ruling princess of the north.

Ah Kohaku. Another of my favorite characters to draw at least. MBJ and I worked on Damein and Kohaku's back story quite a bit. He probably has some of the most personality work I have done on any of my characters which is surprising since he is a secondary character. For those that don't know what a dragon-ling is, its a dragon who can take on the persona of an elf. In the world MBJ and I created they are considered a higher being. Why would a dragon need to become an elf? Well considering their size, it is hard for dragons to enter buildings and socialize with other races. This would have been an evolutionary step to help the race from dying out.

Upon request I will start typing out the story in my free-free time because in my free time I'm working haha. I should be heading to work right now but it feels good to just stay here. Ahhh nice day at home.

Love you all <3

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Sketch 12 - Mage Twirl

Talema Komi. Kigano Komi's (yesterday's picture) little sister. She is another of the very few humans. Unlike her sister though, Talema can use the forces of magic and specializes in the fire element like her sister. At a young age of 10, she is at the same level as most tier 4 magic users but lacks the control needed. Her flame resistant robe has extended sleeves to cover the burns on her hand from excessive use.

I remember the day I created Talema. Her outfit sure changed over the years. I like where its at now though, got the whole "magical girl" thing going on. I've never been any good at drawing children, like men they tend to be plain in body shape and not much fun to draw. The idea came for this character when I was playing around with the personality of Kigano. Kigano has that cool babysitter vibe where she is nurturing and motherly but knows that play is top priority. She also has this protective side that made me think... what can we have her protect? Thats when MBJ created Kyos and Talema came to be.

Is anyone interested in my character things? Should I make a page and start writing out the story for people to read?

In other news~ Today is official 'quit my job' day for me. Very happy about it, gonna miss all my grandma friends and co-workers though. Planning on getting more eye contacts soon as well! Next week my trainer is gonna weigh me again to see how much I have lost....nervous lol. Oh and that new Sucker Punch movie came out today. SO wanna see it. I am also interested in maybe getting a Zune HD.... they are very shiny. I was considering the Barnes and Noble NOOK color e-reader tablet. But like the zune it is only sold in the USA... But now I've heard that Amazon is working on a color Kindle tablet e-reader so I am gonna wait for that so I can buy it here in Canada and use it ANYWHERE. It also looks shiny btw.

Anywho~ What is everyone up too? Love you all <3

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Sketch 11 - Fire Demon

Contrary to the blog title, she is in fact a human. One of very few humans in M.E.D.E story. She is Kigano Komi. I have always loved this character for some reason and felt compelled to draw her today. Had a bit more time then normal to work on my 'sketch' today so it doesn't really look like a sketch minus the lack of shading. Her element (if you haven't already guessed) is fire, and she may not be able to cast it due to her being human, she is able to harness it in her bullets made for her alchemically altered pistols.

I think I might draw one of my characters everyday until I gain more suggestions from people. How does that sound? LOL well too bad. Until I start seeing comments with suggestions you will start seeing more and more of my characters. Muhahahahahaha! Hahaha I am in a good mood today. Finally quit my job. I will miss all the friends I made but me quitting doesn't mean I am banned from going and playing bingo. If you actually read my blogs could you post where you are from (just country). Or feel free to post a comment on facebook or twitter!

Love you all <3

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketch 10 - Meow

So I did a request! Its my friend Sarah and her girlfriend as neko. Was interesting to draw haha.

Not much to talk about today except for getting my computer fixed and finished up, really hurt myself at the gym. I shouldn't have tried to jog but oh well. Cannot wait till my knee gets strengthened. Also gave my trainer his birthday card which made his day! Work was just a little less crappy then yesterday.

Oh and the snow can stop now ... PLEASE. Like seriously, it is spring now .... this winter weather can go away. Feel like I need to keep my snow boots out just in case. The roads are so bad. I know, I know, I shouldn't be complaining living in Canada and all, but contrary to popular belief it is not snow 24/7 here in Canada (at lest not the more populated areas). ANYWAYS ... Time to rest up for tomorrow.

Love you world!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sketch 9 - sleepmon

Not sure why I drew pokemon... started off as a sleeping cute thing then to Pikachu... then kinda added in the rest. I like how it turned out. Sorry for late. Work was HELL today and didn't get out of there for like 2 hours after my shift ended and then its still frikken snowing so drove slow on the highways and yeah...

I realize I am not very good at drawing fan art haha. oh well. Seeing as it is almost 1 am and I am very tired. I will call it a day! Probably an early post tomorrow or I guess later this day?

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sketch 8 - Manly Man ... back?

Hmmm where to start with this picture... kinda an inside joke with my partner and friend. Since he is 'across the pond' in England we used to talk to him over the net with web cams all the time. When he'd stretch he'd stick his chest out and my friend and I would say "manly man chest!" He would get all flustered and embarrassed and it was adorable! But like I have mentioned about going to the gym, one of the main reasons is to strengthen the muscle around my bad knee and get fit.

So Richard (my partner) suggested some muscular practice. I have always loved this picture I took of him. His tattoos were annoying to free hand though hahaha. He had short hair then... I like it longer like it is now. Speaking of muscles, mine are so stiff and sore! Need a bath again <3 So goodnight world, I love you!

Donations for Japan ~ $62/$500

Sketch 7 - Memories

I am late in posting. Sorry! Been a VERY long day. Very bad long day. So this picture is of Purtalic and Metablue .... I tried going for a 'teen' look. Not sure if I succeeded or not. I have not drawn them in a while and really wanted too. It was fun! I miss these characters. I miss my MBJ. ANSWER YOUR PHONE WOMAN!!! haha Anyways. Need to keep this one short tonight. Have to get up early. Goodnight world!

Donations for Japan ~$62/$500

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sketch 6 - Hold Me Goodnight

No color post today as it was a VERY long day. I had a request to do a dragon. I used to be good at dragons... not as good as MBJ but they weren't too shabby. However I kinda just went with the flow and an elf showed up there and yeah... thats what came out! Dragon looks horrible elf is got wonky proportions but hey its a 'sketch' blog. I love dragons and elves and fantasy stuff. Its amazing to think if this stuff really is real, hidden among the drabs of our reality. That's what I love about imagination. What's the say that WE are the fantasy to these mystical beings and creatures? Alternate universes, multiplications of galaxy's with life that we will never see! I swear I'm not crazy and I am proud to still have an open mind and an active imagination.

I tested the tattoo machines I bought today. The rotary machines are a lot quieter to the normal ones. So I hope it will help with some customers who are a little tensed after hearing the machine start up. Also I went to go get contacts and my eye prescription renewed only to find out the doctor is only in on Wednesday. day a week? How do they stay in business?On another note ... my separated husband and I will have our 3 year wedding anniversary tomorrow.... weird timbit for you.

Ah sugar.... timbits... uhhhg *drool* how I miss thee~ My trainer started me on a no sugar diet... it sucks and for those not in Canada, Timbits are doughnut balls made from the holes in doughnuts and are from the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons. But enough about my day! Good night world! Still looking for sketch ideas!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sketch 5 - Bubbles!

So want a bath! Still might have one. Been a rough week and I am so sore!

Some reason I find it hard to 'sketch' in CS3.... they usually come out looking fairly refined. I need to find a new sketch book so im not tempted to spend 1-2 hours coloring haha. Although I guess the color is good for my fans? Yes? No?  Hopefully this doesn't offend anyone, nothing is shown. Kinda wanted to do something sexy but cute and PG-13 for a bath so yeah. ENJOY!

For someone like me who likes sweets this whole no sugar thing is so hard. I'm not even allowed cheese! And I am a BIG cheese fan. I will succeed! Tired of being the 'fat girl' so to speak.

I finally got my new Rotary machines and they are amazing. Can't wait to tattoo someone with them. Uhg my life is crazy atm. Need to organize my time abit better I think. Anyways, I hope whomever is reading this is happy and well.

Yoi yume yo mina-san!

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Sketch 4 - St.Patricks Day

HAPPY ST.PATRICKS DAY!! So yeah lol mine wasn't so happy after 4pm. But enough about my crappy job.

Sorry for late one today. Didn't get the sketch done till like 12:45 am... uhhg. Anyways its me (with my natural hair color-ish) and Richard as semi-anthro fox and wolf. I was gonna draw a leprechaun or something but work ruined my st.patty day mood so bleh.

With me going to the gym alot I decided to get some decent runners. Payless has a sale so I went to check them out. What I want to know is why people seem to think women like pink, purple, baby blue and white... thats the only color selection they had for womens runners. So I wandered around and found an amazing pair of bright green, black and white the mens. They were regular 54.99 and on sale for 39.99 so I was like w00t! When I got to the counter I got an additional 20% off and decided to get a pair of on sale earrings. So I technically got about $70 worth for $42.

So happy to have tomorrow off. I wonder If I have anyone following me outside my normal friends and family. This is so exciting!

Donations for Japan ~ $25/$500

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sketch 3 - Vroom Vroom

Hello again! Today's picture was a suggestion from my amazing British partner (or stud muffin lol) Richard who is a complete petrol head. He knows I am not the greatest at mechanical things and straight lines so he challenged me to draw a car and he would try to guess what it was from my drawing. Well he figured it out so it must not be that bad eh? For those not up to your car lingo, I choose this car (Nissan Skyline GTR R-34) because it is my all time favorite and it is in my opinion the best car to come out of Japan. Now please keep in mind that this is MY opinion and not a fact. Please no haters! Another reason I chose this car is because it is the car my friend Takashi (who has been reported deceased from the tsunami) was working on this car for me. Unfortunately I had to sell for financial issues and now deeply regret it. Anyways ... the reference picture I used (with no intention of copyright infringement might I add) is here. In other news I have joined a gym to try and help my self image and confidence. All I feel at the moment is pain haha. My trainer is amazing and I couldn't ask for a better one. Let's keep fighting!

P.S. Seeing as I will need to do a lot of sketches and will probably run out of ideas leave a comment with an idea for me if you so wish! I will happily use all that I can depending what day I feel like working on it!

Donations for Japan ~ $25/$500

Love ya!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sketch 2 - For Japan

I am sure most of you have heard the news about Japan. So for today's sketch I did something for Japan. This is a hard time for me as well. It has been confirmed that two of my friends and their families are no longer in this world. I will surely miss them and the fun times we had together. I feared for them while watching the news and seeing their town ... all that was standing was the school. So till Easter I will have a donation account on paypal going. If we can raise $500 CAD for Japan I will post a video of me singing a Japanese song. If we exceed that I will make a video of me dressed in costume DANCING and mouthing/singing a Japanese song. So if you really want to see me make a fool of myself spare some change and help save a life or few in Japan. Our hearts are for you!

R.I.P. Takashi and Minagawa-san

To donate I have a button below and to the left. ALL proceeds are going to Japan. I will mark the donations as they come.

$25/$500 so far

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sketch 1 - The first of many

Welcome to my blog!

First I want to thank my friend Mikaela for choosing my title! I love it. Anyways ... HELLO OUT THERE!!! Haha.

The Picture: Well its the first sketch of my first blog so went with drawing myself blogging... Yes i dye my hair green and I have an Alienware mx17 laptop and a WACOM Intuos 3 tablet for those who were wondering.

Why: I started this blog because like a few people I start things with passion and then fail to finish or continue.... maybe I have ADD? So I chose to start doing a sketch a day and blog about it. The theory behind my madness is that if I want to become a tattoo artist and work on a manga I need to be able to draw every day. Plus having to do it everyday forces me into a habit and therefore seeing my comic come back to life. It will also allow others like yourself to give me criticism on my art (good or bad!) so I can improve and log my improvements over the net. I'm hoping to improve my style, gain confidence, reliability and stability in my art.

I will also post stories or events that happen everyday as a life blog so it wont be all art biased. I play video games and listen to j-pop and k-pop ... although im more of a k-pop fan (BigBang FTW). I like anime and fantasy/horror novels. We will keep it kinda short for tonight so until tomorrow, I bid thee farewell!

* Purtalic . Tamakai . Lahncey . Oreos *